Posted on: December 13, 2008 1:52 pm

Is it time to switch focus?

Now that Brian Cashman has managed to capture the best two free agent starting pitchers on the market the question is whether it is time to switch focus to hitting? He can go after Pettitte or Sheets for the 4th starter and have Joba as #5 and the kids in Triple A awaiting the first injury, or.... maybe it's time to let Joba be #4 and Hughes #5 backed up by the rest of the young pitchers and focus on another need. The Yankees need a first baseman so why not go after the best one available. That would surely shake up the Red Sox and the Angels. It would certainly help the lineup and the defense and it would give the kids a chance to mature at the #5 pitching spot in the rotation. 20 million a year instead of 10-13 million for another starter? The big difference is the length of the commitment. If you are willing to offer a pitcher 7 years why not give a hitter 10?  I think it merits some serious consideration.
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